Why We're In Hiding

I knew a girl who got her hair set on fire

Her things stolen, ruined because, a girl, she desired

"Kill yourself, fag." But is being gay so wrong?

Well, she listened to them and now she is gone.


I have a friend who is lost and alone

Because, at fourteen, he found himself disowned

By his father when he told him he was bi

Since then, he's attempted suicide three times.


I know a nice pansexual girl

Who's unable to find her place in the world

She was raped twice by a "friend" at fourteen years old

And not even her mom believed her when she told.


She's been with her boyfriend for over six years

But he's in a girl's body, which brings him to tears.

No one but her understands what he means

When he says "I'm a boy, not a girl. Can't you see?"


I have another bisexual friend

Who's verbally abused by his mom to no end.

His brother, Matt, sits in his room smoking weed

But he's somehow the favorite kid out of the three.


One of his friends is bisexual too

She's dangerously thin since she throws up her food.

But that isn't the only way that she self-harms

The whole world can see all the cuts on her arms.


I'm one of many afraid to come out

I want to stop hiding, I just want to shout

But I'm scared to come out because, well, you see,

I don't want things like this to happen to me...

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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