Life as me

Wed, 07/03/2019 - 18:32 -- Aripari

This is my letter to my family and friends, this is not where our journey ends.

TO: my family and friends,
Thoughts racing, feet pacing. Who am I? Why do I have to hide who I am inside? Was I born this way? No way they say. Was I indoctrinated, my mind infiltrated? All I know is that I am hated. Tossing and turning, this feeling is burning. Day and night, I struggle and fight. Torn between two worlds. This feeling tugging at my soul. To find peace and grace with the lord is my goal. You don’t understand? That’s ok, I will explain; just don’t call me a man. Anywhere I go I am reminded of the struggle I face. I feel like I Heber fallen from grace. My heart breaks and my soul aches. Why do you refuse to listen? I’m not playing a game, there truly is a division. You tell me I’m a man and this is a sin. Then expect me to “man up” keep my chin up and grin. Words cannot explain the pain and the chaos deep inside. But still, I look to the heavens with my arms open wide. I can no longer keep who I am inside. I shall be unburdened by these chains. No longer weighed down by these pains. No longer do I feel out of place, no longer do I look at this face and think; who could I realy be? This is life as me!
Arabella (ari)

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My family
My community


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