I Am So Much More Than They See

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 17:38 -- jml042

They say that I am lost

They say it is confusion 

They say I need God

'Cause I'm living a delusion 


They say one man, one woman 

For that's what God intended 

I'll burn in hell for this 

Don't care if I'm offended


But I say I am strong

Rising above their hate 

I know that love is more

Than simply just straight


So yes, I am queer 

But that's not all of me 

I am so complex 

Why can't you look and see?


I am caring, I am kind 

I have dreams, I have goals 

I know that I'm not perfect 

For I have many holes


So how dare you remind me 

Of everything I already know

For I've spent many years 

Living the lowest low


I've heard your hate

I let it get to me

But now I'm done with that

You just wait and see


I will rise above 

And live authentically 

I will love myself



I am strong, I am brave

Even if you can't see 

And yes, I am gay

But mostly I am me






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