Just another kid right?

I just don’t understand what adolescence has to do with intelligence,

because I’m talking to adult minds and I can’t believe there level of negligence.

I’m completely ashamed to play a part of the modern game,

let's send a child to school and rip out his entire creative flame.

what happened to children are our future?

that philosophy is so beat and damned it needs a suture.

but now the level of incompetence is running off the chart.

why do I feel as if most of the listeners right now have a complete brain fart?

because I’m only fifteen that's only half of thirty,

yet I understand things like the water diamond paradox while most of these fools are like “ooo” Purty rocks!

“Oh it's supply and demand” on what? compressed coal? That's nice

and realize that's what got these fools engaged to there wife.

ladies don’t you feel special with something worth nothing around your finger?

“It's the thought that counts” she wasn't thinking that when she had an affair with that loaded singer.

The world is devolving is so many ways

but half the time politicians that are meant for change will turn their views just because it pays.

Yet I’m only a kid and I would understand.

But you're sitting here complaining and you might be getting bored because this poem is bland

I’m a kid no more then that but age is just a number.

I have more intelligent thoughts than half the world's population in my slumber

and trust me I’m not trying to be cocky towards people

but when the someone hurts another because what they're taught in a building with a steeple

I lose faith for them, because religion becomes unhealthy when it causes you to hate

I mean someone people telling me who I can and cannot date

Love is Love

and I can tell you that screw any person who thinks they're above

There was never a point to this poem other than to tell you that this earth ruined

and tomorrow you might not even be alive..

and I’m just asking is any of it worth it..

This poem is about: 
Our world


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