Please Tell Them My Name

I am different.

I am not ashamed.

Head held high, averting their eyes.

What is it that you see?

Do you see disappointment when you see me?

Her arms were warm, her eyes warmer.

Her smile was almost quite disarming.

Broken thoughts, shut them out.

What is it that life's about?

Be unique, be different kinds.

Yet I was stricken in their eyes?

Not uncommon, judgment calls.

Counting down until skies fall.

Not black or white, but much beyond.

To gay or straight should nothing harm.

Wisest eyes were once bright blue.

Are they the same, looking at you?

I am different.

I am not ashamed.

When judgment calls, please tell them my name.



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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