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If I tell people I am gay, my father might punch me in the face.
My mother might threaten to kick me out of the house.
If I don't change, they might send me to ex-gay "therapy."
My friends might beat me up at school. 

If I tell people I am a lesbian, guys might force themselves upon me.
I might be mistaken for a feminazi or a sex addict.
If I'm lucky, people will leave me alone while they haze my gay older brother.
And maybe I can avoid the question "so who's the man in the relationship?"

If I tell people I am bisexual, people might tell me I'm confused.
They might assume I'm a slut and not have real relationships with me.
Gay and lesbian people will discriminate against me too. 
I will have less people in my life who try to understand that part of me.

If I tell people I am transgender, people will be confused.
"So are you a he, a she, or an it?" 
I will probably be beaten, raped, isolated, or some combination.
I might even hate myself more than anyone ever could. 

I thought we had the Stonewall Riots for a reason.
I thought APA said we are no longer considered sick.
I thought discrimination laws were supposed to protect me. 
But we still have a long way to go. 

I need #humanrights and #equality . 
I need America the Land of the Free. 
I need a country without stigma and hate.
You only live once, and I want to live well. 


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