Hand in Hand We Stand in Protest

I will protest againt this insanity

Speak up without enmity

Even when they set their dogs loose

Because I won't tolerate this abuse

And we're not backing down

I refuse to be led by a clown

Dressed as a politician

Who says I am a pre-existing condition

We allow him to sexually harass

And to speak without class

To mock and ridicule

The working pool

But this is not the American dream

Our soldiers do not bleed

For this reason

For his treason

We fight for our lives

Because we want to survive

While still prosperous

But these executive orders are just preposterous

Blocking people from the country

So abruptly

That mothers cannot come home to their daughters

And when the water's

Still poisoned in flint

and we haven't

Done anything about it

Or how police don't hesitate to hit

a black man

He was endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan

Gays will not be counted in the census

And it just doesn't make sense

In one hundred and fourty characters or less

He's shown us he's a huge mess

So why do we let him sit on his throne

Please pick up your phone

Call your senator and protest

They are our last line of defense

Take a stand and make a change

So we can remove this man who is deranged

Because we deserve a better nation

One where people don't risk deportation

And have access to the healthcare they need

But can't access because of pharmaceutical greed

Please fight for yourself and fight for me

I am on my knees and I plead

We need to work together

To make this place better

Because it belongs to you and I

And we will defy

Hand in hand

We stand

In protest

This poem is about: 
My country
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