Since When


Since when does my sexuality effect

Your well being,

Your family,

Your life.

Since when does anyone's sexuality effect

Your well being,

Your family, 

Your life.

It's a matter of fact

That the people of the world are more concerned

With what I keep hidden away in my pants

And what I prefer to keep hidden away in my bed

Than the important things.

Than the starving children,

Than the wars,

The arguging,

The fighting,

The opression.

Being a lesbian is the worst.

As a woman, I am not allowed to choose

What I hold in my womb. I am told to stay purer than the virgin Mary

Yet when I refuse a man,

He either calls me a tease and a prude,

Or he takes it from me by force.

As a lesbian, I am not allowed to love

Without the eyes of every Christian, Catholic, and government official.

I am told that i cannot marry the love of my life.

What when she's on her dead bed,

Frail, pale, and withering away,

I can't get in.

The beeping of her monitor 

Will be speeding up.

And I won't be able to be there

Hold her hand

Tell her it's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

But it's not okay.

Because I'm screaming and hollering

She's my girlfriend.

She's my girlfriend.

She's my girlfriend

And I love her.

But love doesn't matter in this country.

All that matters is apperance.

Once you start to grow old

And wrinkles form on your once doll face.

You're left on the street

Because love is only skin deep.

So how does all of this effect your cookie cutter life?

You'll have no problem

Getting married

Having Kids

Making a life for yourself.

You can walk down the street

And hold your husband's hand

Without stares

without the comments

Without the constant fear of someone,

Who believes with every fiber of their being,

That your love

Is an abomination.

And abominations like you and your love

Need to be elminated,

Exiled to hell,

Wiped off the face of the Earth,


Your life will be normal,

Relatively free of fear.

So please, tel me.

How me being me effects

Your well being,

Your family,

Your life.

How does anyone being themsleves effect

Your well being,

Your family,

Your life.


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