I will write your obituary

Thu, 03/09/2023 - 12:50 -- Moscamo

I will whether you like it or not

I will talk about you like you are still here till you’re not then i will talk about you like a noble soldier

I will spend every night at your grave till we have seen every star in the whole galaxy then I will till every planet disappears

I will scream everything about you till lose my voice then I will type everything I know about you

I will cry till my eyes are bleeding and then till I lose them

I will write your obituary till my fingers bleed then I will type it with a blood sooked typewriter

I will write your obituary just not now

I will not write your obituary till I have held your cold dead hands or clipped every newspaper with your name or photo in it

I will be re-writing your name till everyone knows that your name

your true real name is RayRay my RayRay the RayRay that held me when I asked

The RayRay that told me I was safe in your arms

The RayRay that looked at me and told me that I'm your beautiful SON your BOY your little MAN your HE/HIM

I will always see you as my perfectly imperfect MOTHER my PARENT my ENBY my THEY/THEM



this poem was inspired by Nora Coopers "i won't write your obituary"

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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