Real Eyes Can See Me .


If real eyes can see me, why can't you?

I said if real eyes can view me, what stops you from previewing?

I stop you ! the display I give you , Is who I want to be.

Who in my head, I appear to be . My dreams created this me that I present to he and SHE  

The me that i'm truly afriad to be , see . I'm afriad, scared, and shy

I project a falisfaction because all I know is hide. Hide thed real you, hide what they may also consider wrong too

I hide because im scared of judgement

and rejection

If only you understood how my heart craves for acceptance

acceptance by you , you, you and you

For you judge me cause I am gay

Because loveing who I want isn't okay 

so the curtain I continue to hang

And hide behide

Til I'm ready identify the me , who i really am

the me that society can love again.   


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