your hips could tell stories of lovers past before me.

of the mornings you lay



in your bed with only the silence surrounding.

of the sheets that caressed your skin that night, and of how badly i longed for it to be my fingers. 

your smile


that smile could persuade an ocean tide to just stay for a while. your beauty is beyond compare,

i’m infatuated with you.

your words are my water and i drink your poison down like sweet nothing.

if i were to fill my lungs with your words then i’d have no objection to drowning in them my dear,

but i just can’t seem to let myself sink. 

i’ll do my best to swallow my pride and submerge myself in to you.

 i want to be engulfed in your love,

i want to drown in your sea. 



WOW ...

That was a very tasteful poem.


Nice! Really great poem.


Very good poem. A lot of emotion in this piece, have you shown this to her?

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