"My Girlfriend"

Our love is not normal,

I've been told it's insane.

But no matter how different we are,

She's always on my brain.


Her eyes tell a story,

Her lips soft and sweet.

Her smile is contagious,

Making my heart skip a beat.


My girlfriend is special,

She keeps me safe at night. 

She's the Yin to my Yang,

And without her things wouldn't be right.


When she's not near I cannot breathe,

I would always give her the world.

She's everything to me,

My beautiful, loving girl.


Sometimes it feels like it's just us two,

Her and I against it all.

Whenever I hold her close to me,

The harder that I fall.


My baby girl is my everything, 

She is my lover, my life.

And while I may not be a prince,

I can be her princess knight.


My darling always drives me craazy,

For her I'd fight a trillion.

Lovie is my everything,

Baby girl is one in a million.


Without her I'd be lost, 

Stuck in endless pain and strife.

So I'm down on one knee, 

To ask her to be my wife.


My wife is beyond compare,

And she always drives me wild.

But now I have two everythings, 

My wife, and my new born child.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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