I am an infinite doubter


I am an infinite doubter,

But my hope weighs more.

In this lifetime I could see

Marriage equality.

Marriage isn’t about the word—it’s about a cosmic explosion of wholeness.

It’s about the intertwining of two bodies.

Finding a matching soul-stone and connecting.


It’s very much about love.

The one human emotion that’s supposed to bring us all together in harmony,

Whether that be two people or a whole community.


We have a longing to be with someone.

We have a craving to love and be loved.

Something so strong the gods themselves couldn’t break apart,

A pairing so perfect it had to be the work of Fates.


As a gay man—someone who is flesh and bone,

a supposed equal among the citizens of this "free" country,

Why am I denied the same rights as a straight man?

No, this is not about the word,

This is a human right—a right worth fighting for,

And I could see it in my lifetime.


I breathe, I laugh, I sneeze, and I cry.

 I am human.

Allow me to love—as you love.



The last line, perfection.

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