Define Me

Mon, 07/27/2015 - 16:32 -- anon_ET

Who am I?

Am I a man or woman,

Defined by what’s between my thighs?

Or maybe where the truth lies

Is a little deeper.


Who do I love?

Is it a man or a woman?

Call me a freak, an abomination,

Just because of who I love doesn’t fit in your equation.

Man plus woman is the only addition that equals happiness.


Do you know me?

Am I am man or a woman?

Do I love the same or opposite gender?

Can you tell behind these words,

Who I am and who I love?

Do you have the right to judge?


You look at him and say,

“You gotta be a man. Do man’s work.”

You look at her and say,

“Go help your mother in the kitchen.”

But when you look at me, what do you see?


I am a boy who loves to dance,

A girl who works with her hands.

I am the boy who yearns to be Jane;

The girls who yearns to be John.

I am the truth denied by society.


Who are you to tell me my Maker doesn’t love me?

Do you speak to the Almighty?

Why should I endure your abuse?

Try to get me to choose

Between my shell and my soul!


Well let me tell you,

Love wins.

So if loving myself and loving another is a sin;

Baby, I am the Fallen Himself.

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