Stonewall, faint pulse


is the starting point we see,

the first to proclaim with upmost honesty

that our hearts aren't constrained by what you have between your feet

it's merely the fear of something you don't know commonly



is a place where it falls

the negativity, hostility, blames, and name calls

its designed as a home for one and all

its own place in the future because outside the world is stalled


Stone walls

that they put up by themselves

stacking us in jails, collecting us on shelves

further into madness our poor world delves

its time to stop hiding who we are, our true selves



I'll be real yours is fading

lost away with a man whose bullet came from hating,

but before go I will say your life won't be one that fleeing

it'll be a matyr that brings about our freeing



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