What Love Means To Us

She paints me in kisses

Starting from the tip of my nose 

Down to regions unknown

Slowly but surely 

I can see why

So many days went by, stuck in thought of how I got



I am open to her

Every part of me spread wide

Anatomy laid out 

She could pick me apart 

But chooses to

Drown me

Smother me

Murder me

in everlasting love


She uses a dagger made of




and stabs me, beats me, till I'm black and blue

Bloody nose 

Busted lip

Bruised ribs

Love to us means something else


"An unexplainable bond that few get, we are special"

She tells me with each painful blow.


She forces me to appreciate the vessel that holds my inner self.

Telling me i'm beautiful

Rubbing my pudgy curves

Kissing my fat thights and blowing raspberrys on my chubby stomach.


Love to us is something else



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This poem is PERFECTION! :D

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