Growing Into My(Self Improvement).

"Don't be your father."

Don't give up when they need you.

Don't go back on your word.

Make it through.

Find a way.


"Don't be your mother."

Don't leave them all alone.

Don't scream your anger to the world.

Control your temper.

Hold it in.


Why is everyone so consumed?

Why do they know who I shouldn't be?

Why aren't these decisions up to me?

This is my life.

I know who I'll be.


I rise to prove this

I rise to make my own way.

I rise to do this alone.

It isn't about your opinion.

I'll carve my own destiny.


I will stand strong.

I will live how I choose.

I will do as I please.

And I'll be who I'll be.

And every single day,

I'll show you it's up to me.

This poem is about: 
My family


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