Riots for Equality!


United States
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Gay.. Fag... Homo... Queer,
Everyday we live in fear.
Fear for our rights,
Fear for our lives,
Everyday is a new surprise.
Arrested, Jailed, Hated, and Feared,
the 1960's were not good years.
Until those riots in Greenwich Village,
People began to riot and pillage.
And for what, power and strength?,
Or just to be on the same wave length?
The Stonewall Riots were a turning point for gays,
All around the nation we celebrated for days.
Word of this incident began to grow and grow,
Gay civil rights groups began to overflow.
Everything was well... or so we thought,
Homosexuals were not allowed in every spot.
To this day gays live in fear,
But no one cares to listen or hear.
Hear our cries of sorrow and pain,
All our rights going down the drain.
These riots for equality did let us speak up more,
But is no one willing to settle the score?

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