She and She

She and She


She and she

Gently dream

Of sun and peace

Upon a different world

So they pretend.

Morning and night always turn around

Blushing as they go, in to witness such delicate devotion.

Her feet whisper to black pooled mud

And She sings to yellowed skies,

Screaming compassion amongst pin needles

Born truth for wonder

By how they saw day.

For you,

For love.


Restless as the summer tides

For none would let them be

Lakes and cinder block hearts cast their lots

 To bury the very souls within them.

Each scribing their manifestos in the sand;

love and hate.

Mercy was in the confidence of stars; and just as far.


So, we, wrote a love poem

But never did we show them

For we are not they

And how could we tell them how to and how not to be?

Born truth for wonder

By how we say day.

For you

For love.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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