Can't Cure A Body of Such an Ailment

Fri, 08/02/2013 - 00:22 -- rauchb2

The piano hovers above and around me
The soft lilting music drifts into class
the notes hang heavy and the sound drowns me
out as the noise level shatters glass

The bruises on our hands
created in our haste for perfection
brings me to tears as we stand
ready to speed forth, view our reflections

all the same we stand our eyes meeting
But those of a higher understanding
say that what we are has another meaning
what I can't comprehend when Im still standing

Here, with love rushing down my face
The streaks are strong across nose
My heart lifted above as it breaks
I've waited so long for this blackened rose?

So cure me with a little religion
Treat me and my ailment will no longer be
Hurt me and stab me and kill with it
Who I was meant be.

Cant look at myself in the mirror
I know because who I am
makes me that much weirder
to those closest to me I can

try but can't hide
I hate those stereotypes
you judge from inside
they hurt and cause fights

in my own home
where I have to be
lost and no longer known
hiding what I am not allowed to be


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