Change: No More lost Lives


They remember those days

Days full of pain

As their mothers wiped their tears away

They don't understand how anyone could be so mean

They felt like they are shattered

And their happiness torn

Did they really deserve names from so much scorn?

The words haunt them and Don’t go away

They slowly start to picture themselves that way

They sink in deeper and deeper and just want a way out

Not thinking of who they care about

They don’t know why they are gay

But taunters say it is a choice

As if they have no voice

As if they would want to be treated this way

Taunters don’t realize that who they torment were born this way

Hiding behind hatred from a few sentences of religion

Wow, their idea of being Christ-like is twisted

No more children should die because of ludicrous seething hatred

No, these children should stand tall

And no more should fall

Too many children die of this situation

More children need to be told they are loved

Despite whom they happen to love

This is one of the most needed changes

And we should fight until it happens

No more suicides,

No more depression,

A world more full of acceptance

I know it sounds too good to be true

But It starts with just me and you

End the violence

The bullying

The tears

So that more children won’t face missing years

Even though others will look down on me for thinking this way

I want to shout It from the rooftops

It’s okay to be gay

But not okay to preach hatred









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