Dear God: I See the Dead in Mirrors


last summer, the slant of sun scorching the sky

an orthodox jewish man

i can’t say his name

stabs six people at jerusalem pride parade


his face an echo of my fourth grade teacher

mouth hidden behind a gnarled beard but

i knew he smiled when his eyes crinkled like wax paper

he’d give me jelly beans, explosions of color on my tongue


this man

i can’t say his name

but his eyes


sang lullabies that live buried in my memories

footprints stain the stone lined streets where I grew up

the same prayers spilled from his lips

poised around the white-lace tablecloth

raising a silver cup

wine slipping down the rim staining the tablecloth red



    to life



how could he?


tonight, the tilt of the moon cradling clouds

my flag drips red again

and i remember

how strange bodies look, clogging concrete

hope coaxes moths to a street light, i

don’t want to die, i

pray for the first time in months, i

watch galaxies crumble in the black behind my eyes




how could you?


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My community
Our world
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