Free Love

to sin with love

is to quite simply love,

to judge someone's love

is like judging art.

you may not like the sight

or even see the point

but to others it may feel just right.

restraining love with ropes of law

is far more evil than being queer.


to call love a sin

is to quite simply live a sin,

subjecting love to such a crime

should be an indictment of its own.

a river flows with the blood

of those shamed for who they are

and the happy lives that they once knew

take refuge to the closet

but love like art should never hide.


express yourself beyond the walls,

break the chains that hold you back,

paint the world with your love.

ignorance is true to their worth

and proves how cheap they really are

but the happiness that love can

give the world is priceless.


we need to paint with

every color of the spectrum.

the world is a canvas,

love is our paint,

and we are the brushes

that will change the world.

we can come together

as the greatest masterpiece

of our time because

love like art

is beautiful and free.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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