Gentle Love


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How beautiful to see

A smile with no teeth

Laughter from the trees

Gentle chickadee


There is a gentle type of love

With kissing and with touch

Where nothing is enough

Until it’s all too much


I want to curl around

You as you kiss me sound

To find what’s to be found

To say your name aloud


My gentle love is you

Our kisses are far and few

But there is no kiss of dew

Sweeter than kissing you


I can never find your heart

I’m scared of your depart

Your love feels much too far

I’ll never be your spark


I want to kiss you, soft and hard

I want to love you, on and on

I want to feel you gasp and hum

I want you to want me, moan by moan


Quiet uncertainty

I taste your fear, I fear it’s me

You pull away like you want to be

Let go, like your asking to be free


I need your wish, your love and your plea

I want to kiss, shoulders between knees

Your hands in my hair, urging me on

The taste of your want, sweet on my tongue


I want you to hold me down with a bite

Look at me lewdly, eyes smolder bright

My skin in your hands as you fuck me goodnight

For you to want me to stay with all of your might


I need your reassurance that you want me too

I need your words to tell me you do

I don’t care if this love isn’t real or true

Because I’m ok with only loving you

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Oh my God!

you just said everthing I am feeling right now!!!

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