Citheronia Regalis

It was him who found me.

The giant with the calloused palms

I was simply a form

Clumsy in my gargantuan new body

Horns piercing from my back;

Vibrant and orange

Sharp and dripping with an imaginary poison

I could have been dangerous.


He brought me to a place

Where the sun was incomplete

And the air was stale.

But love flowed freely through the peeling paint

On the cracked walls.

I had never known a home,

Only the sky and the rain.

There i once escaped the slender and midnight jaws

Of death

And i ran as they cried, hopeless

For sustenance.


An eye for an eye

I had caught a glimpse of death-

The circle of life;

And I had run.

Tooth and nail

I slipped straight into the arms of another

A swift comfort and a rapid acceptance

soft eyes pierced through my green decaying skin

The time was approaching

I ignored the urges, the pounding of my instincts against my skull

As the crystal shards of her irises

Coursed through my veins

I felt my heart struggle to coerce my petrified blood

Through my bursting veins


What is wrong


The blue pulsed through her being

I imagined it writhing

Just below her skin


I will not hurt you


Shrieks forced from my vertical jaws

Escaping no longer an option, I indulged

Her fingers traced my veins and I let her porcelain tendrils

Absorb every ounce of my strength

And those eyes

They watched me with a loving intensity

As, lifeless,

I shed my skin and slept.


My home was now a prison

Four walls lacking depth

Security made of air

I was no longer exposed to anything but instinct

My new veins craving the presence of old scars

longing, freezing them in place

My blood shivered for her touch

longing for the false security that her warmth provided.

As if I could be thawed

Frozen to a world without her.

Death seemed a more formidable opponent

Than the temptation my chest burst for.

To awaken without her

To search in myself for a more blunt reality.

The searching hurt the most

The need of a presence normally rejected by convention

A union of two bodies

Frozen together by the frigid reality of desire.

Two hands cut off


What we deserved.


Those same fragile fingers carefully gripped by body one last time

Yet they were no longer familiar

They no longer knew the topography of my frame

And her anatomy felt foreign

As though while my skin had been shed to make way for a new beauty

Hers had petrified around her

Her soul a final bulb inches from burning out.

Blue eyes rolled back

And the gaze i had once called home

Was replaced with the sky.


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Pride Ed

Really good imagery! You have lots of nice lines here.
My favorite:
"A union of two bodies
Frozen together by the frigid reality of desire.
Two hands cut off
What we deserved."

Hope you win the slam, fam!
Keep writing!!! 

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