They are the building blocks of intelligence,

And yet they are still used to tear down others.

Slut, Whore, Skank: Harsh insults are not relevant?

Tell that to the lifeless bullied girl's mother.


Marriage equality is being passed in more states,

but that does not stop the brutal abuse that gays face.

Human kind has always had a way with words.

Now that arrow just kills the innocent birds.


Technology is advancing everyday.

It's a shame teen suicide is the same way.

It is a relentless game of cat and mouse,

only the mouse is the one chasing the cat.


"Ignorance is bliss", individuals say.

But is it worth someone's life wasting away?

It's hard to stand up for what's right, that I know.

But we cannot let cruel bullies reap and sow!


Stop the arrow from piercing soaring hearts!

Let the cat and mouse make amends at last!

We need to send a message that will go off the charts!

So why not start from the mistakes of the past?


Words can be poison, but they are also the antidote.

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Wow so amazing. Great emotion

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