I Want To Be... What?

I Want To Be... What?
Who I am is not what you see
Who I am is not what most people want me to be
I glorify God
But which one you ask 
Is it the one that means as much to me as chicken scratch?
Is it the one that I made up last night?
The one that never tells me right and wrong but always tells me that I’m always right?
I tossed and turned last night thinking about this
Religious discrimination it runs rampant and is prevalent
However it doesn’t exist because….
It’s only relevant when it’s you who is being misunderstood
When it is you who is being pushed as far away as a ghetto kid from an American hood by the upper class
Even “hateful” people like myself feel hurt when I get punched by brass 
At the end of the day I chuckle
Knowing that what was seen as hell was only help
What seemed to be a rant preaching poverty was only wealth
What was seen as hate was an alien love
My love is foreign 
Damn near illegal 
And way beyond the borders
- Kevin J. Regis Jr.
© September 2014 
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