The Need For Change


United States
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It's hard for me to say
That some people can't accept diversity
Even in the world today.
People can't marry who they love
Simply because they're gay.

Close minded people believe
That there is only one way,
But do haters understand that
They could potentially take someone's life away.

If only everyone could be open to new things,
And eventually they may,
But its so sad because the best way to be
Privaleged now, is to be white or to be straight.

If you're not white or straight
Then you're plagued with hate.
And hate continues on
Then people begin to descriminate.

They don't know any better,
So we've been locked behind this gate,
So filled with socialization
that there's no room to negotiate.

We've all been put in our boxes
As though it's our fate,
And some accept it
As if it's their place.
Which makes me afraid,
Because we can reach so much farther.
We have the galaxies and space.

We need to start over,
We need to clean the slate.
We need to teach love everywhere,
state and restate,
until everyone gets it
then we have to demonstrate.
If everyone is equal
Then there's no room for hate.
One day it will be better,
It will be worth the wait.

So hold on tight,
Take it day by day,
Until everything is better,
Because change is never to late.


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