Why does it offend you?


Why do we offend you?


Why do I offend you?


Why does Love, offend you?


Why does it concern you, wether or not I love a person whose genitals match my own?


Why does it offend you that I call myself a man, when I was born beneath pink balloons? 


I am in love.


With a woman. 


With myself.


With all the things I've become.


And with all the things I've been through. 


I, am in love-


With you.


You can hate me, hate us- 

Hate all who aren't yourself,


And we will love you. 


We will treat you with equality.


We see you as a fellow human, with rights, and emotions, and opinions, and worth.


How can you hate, all this love?


How can you hate somebody you don't even understand? 


We are all just human.

Just alive.

Just people.

Trying to survive. 


We are all the same.


The only differences we have, are the ones we create. 




Hate summer heat.


I hate sticky food.


I hate open toed shoes.


I hate midnight cravings,


And months without rain.


I hate when people lie,


And things without a smell.


I hate police car sirens,


I hate when my parents yell. 


But I don't hate you,




All the things you say. 


Stop saying-

I hate you.


Because you can't.


And maybe you don't believe me,

Maybe you never will.

You were born blind after all,

And you'll die that way too.



Humans are incapable of hate.


It's a genetic thing.


We say it all the time,

But don't really mean it.

Even when we truly think we do.


You were born to love.

To live. 

To be free,

And to die fulfilled.


And yet we are fighting our DNA.

Trying to live longer, 

So that we can hoard more money,

Throw away more people,

Say the word hate a little longer, 

And for some us-


So we can hold our selves in front of the mirror, one last time.


Why does love offend you?


When it is in your veins, and in your heart.


Maybe there's no such things as the love we see in fairy tales-


But there is love.


There is love in the eyes of the woman who just proposed to her girlfriend.


And in the creases of their child's smile, after telling them- he isn't a girl anymore. 


And in the collar bones of his grandparents who don't really give a damn about all the people who say that it isn't right.


There is love, in my chest-

When I say her name. 


And there is love in your lips,

When you speak about hate. 


For every time you try to tell me you hate me, I will say to you-


You don't hate me. You hate yourself. 

Stop trying to be angry about things you can't control. 


If you choose to be an obstacle,

We will leap over you. 

We will bound past you.

We will walk right through you.


Because I-

Do not offend myself. 


And we-

Will not bow down to you,

Who will rack your ribcage with lungs of false identity. 

And pound your chest with fists made of insecurity. 


We, will not be offended. 

Not by you.

Not by your words.

Or your hate.

And not by your opinion. 



We will love.

And we will live.

And we will die.

And we will be human.

And in the end, 

We will all be just the same.


So stop concerning yourself with who I am. And who we are. 

And worry more about why you're so unhappy with what you are not. 











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