Dear Daddy,

Fri, 07/26/2013 - 01:23 -- ibeoreo


My secret is out,
A terrible truth.
You watched my tears fall,
With utter aloof.

“Back your packs,”
You muttered in disgust.
“There’s no room for you here,
It’s time to adjust.”

Love is not love,
If between the same sex.
I was taught through my youth,
About the effects.

I don’t understand,
Why can’t we be happy?
“Religion says no,
Listen to Daddy.”

Can’t you be fine,
Be supportive and proud?
Why can’t my love,
Be encouraged and allowed?

I’ll leave your presence,
Live with mother and sis,
I’m sure I won’t miss,
Your “loving” hits.

You’re my father,
No matter how phony.
I’ll love you forever,
Your daughter Codi.

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I thank you for writing this poem. I'm bi and currently I love another girl. People don't understand  differences. Please read my poems but especially collide. I would love your feedback

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