Thank You for loving me

Thank you

When we first started you saved me from them

their name still suffocates me like an allergy that i know i can not avoid

your name is like the relieving breath i take

everytime i remember they are no longer in my life


my eyes were covered by hate and lies but you vowed to sweep it all away

and dispose of it like the trash they made me believe i was

My cries of pain turned into cries of laughter

your endless silly faces and abnormal noises 

your soft face and gleaming eyes

your warm hugs 



you taught me the power of communication and trust

any problem we faced was like an expert mathmatician surrounded by toddlers

they werent problems but things we fixed with ease

we trusted we would speak, and we spoke knowing we were loved


i was no longer worried of manipulation, or deception that i had once known

you abandoned your comfort zone and entered mine to promise that you'll help 

find me a new place with lower walls and no more ceilings


discussing how we grew up and what challenges we faced

we realized there was more than meets the eye

and our eyes were made to view each other in a whole new light


Neglected children now turned into socially awkward teens

our whole lives ahead of us, and the bond that would make us feel like our sorrows 

were just the price of finding someone who truly could love us with no judgment or reservation


Embraces were cherished, messages saved, and good-byes stung their souls but

"Lonliness" and "misunderstood" were just words again,

not emotions so vivid they taunted with the horror of a lucid dream

from which we could not wake up 


and all though he could still smell her breath rank with fermented feelings and hate

and I could still hear his voice shouting at me from below, as i wished to be lost in the sky

we both knew that at least when the shouting quieted down

and she passed out

we would be once again left with eachother; holding on for dear life and praying that their life together would finally start


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