Dysphoria Sucks



Dysphoria Sucks


These feelings can suck my non-existent dick

but shit

That just makes the dysphonia worse

doesn’t it?


My dysphoria peaks when my estrogen levels do

Sorry, but cisfolks just can't understand what I'm going through.


Sympathy ain't empathy

and empathy's a bitch

When all you can do is wonder why you were born

with tits.


These lumps that weigh so heavy upon my chest

They hold me down, a clown, I can't be my best.


And when that blood gushes from between my legs

I'm sucked down down down into the dregs

of my subconscious

A place that makes me nauseous


Or maybe that's just the monthly cramps

That always precede that red spot on my boxers,



I can't contain these feeling

They’re gonna burst out

But even as I lie here my heart sags with doubt


Because being born to this society

                in this body

Makes it impossible to really be me without



I need to find a way to be set free.

I need to find a way for me to really be me


dysphoria sucks


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