Looking for that one

Looking for that one.


I have this feeling.

Its not the one of healing.

Searing pain in my heart.

I need a restart.

I am looking for the one.

My search has begun.

Looking for the girl I need.

Will I ever succeed?

You say you have issues.

Baby, I have them too, so I brought the tissues.

Baby, I may not be the best.

But I promise to be put to the test.

Baby, Mend my heart with your love tonight.

The words you speak are so right.

I have the feeling of love.

Will you be the angel from above?

When the stars align.

Baby, Will you be mine?

I am becoming undone.

I am still looking for the one.

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Wont my heart listen to me bring me the one i need
The true one , If only...

If only he saw me
Just the sight of glance
would tell him forever
Ive waited all my life for the chance
To love somone like you
Dont You remember
I kept my heart clean
Dont you see..
Id find my way back to you
We belong together, Its Eternity
There was no end no beginning

So let love End any misery .

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