Gay Marriage is Sin(sational)


United States
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Across the Internet
Far and wide,
There are many flame wars
You can find
About this topic
(So taboo!)
Same-sex "marriage,"
And "unions," too.

"The Bible tells us
That it's indecent."
"It's the government's decision
In years quite recent."

"I find it offensive!
It shouldn't be done!"
"If they bother you so much,
Then don't have one!"

"It just isn't natural.
From where does it stem?"
"Neither are clothes.
Should we outlaw them?"

"Imagine what it'll lead to:
Men marrying animals!"
"Does that mean eating beef
Makes you a cannibal?"

Both sides think they're right
But only time can tell
Whose ego deserves
To grow and to swell.
I hope over time
They'll learn not to hate
Because it does not matter
If you're gay or straight;
Everyone deserves
To be in love and happy,
Even if that sounds
Cliched and sappy.

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