God Hates No One


“God hates”

Is a phrase I hear too often:

“God hates gays”, “God hates homos,”  

“God hates your 15 year old cousin who went through hell because he thought he was sick, abhorrent, an anomaly born lacking some basic human part”;

“It was God who made him like that

to show you what not to be”;

“It was God who made school like a nightmare, home like a prison,

who made him think those dark thoughts no child should think

and it was the almighty father God who told your baby cousin that his best option was to jump.”


These excuses

This slander

These recipes for hate

Are made from the remedy of which we have no memory

(At least selectively) which should breed love;

They’re made by the mules of minds who willfully wrong

and twist words of faith,

By the same god-fearing folk preaching “love thy neighbor” “Do unto others” and “God loves you” to their children.

Because God loves boys and God loves girls

Just not if he loves him

Or she loves her.


I’m not religious but I do know

This careful selection of when to love

who to love

how to love

is not how God would love.

God is not selective and God does not strike;

God will not judge you for loving who you love

As long as it is love.


God hates no one

and neither should you.



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