it burns

tied up

gagged and beaten 

you grab the can of gasoline 

even as you walk towards me with death by your side

you're so beautiful

the malice in your eyes softens 

your rose petal lips part

i hold my breath for these words could be my last memory of my angel 

"i love you"

the liquid from the can falls down on my body

saturating my ripped and dirty clothes 

it burns 

much as your words did

you turn your back revealing the smooth contours of your shoulder blades\

i blink the fire away from my eyes to take you in

all of you

i hear the match being struck

the weak flame touches my pant les and immediately catches

i scaream

agony, fear, anger, grief 

all leave my body in one breath

and with what seems to be my last one

i muster four godforsaken words

"i love you too"

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