OUR Sexuality

"Wow, that's pretty brave.

Chancing on your mom walking in

On you shoving a dildo

Into your girlfriend."


The alarm screaming, burning eyes

After not once allowing my brain to dip into sleep

Unique nausea reminiscent of late night Netfilx binges turned into 5am

Turned into "oh shit I guess I'm not sleeping tonight"


Feet dragging, dread mounting, entire body felt tight

Legs rigid, still quivering, electrons jumping energy levels

I must have been radiant for all the photons being released

Should have shed light on the darkness inside

On the pigheaded arrogance that entitles you to details

About your seventeen year old student's

fucking sex life


How dare you take naivety and pour it down the drain?

How "bad" you feel, the strength of your guilt

Can't wipe clean the blood-covered walls

Or minimize the silt

Slimy, slinking sludge of your brain


But your guilt can be assuaged by the company you keep

Because this is not

My sexuality

This is 

Our sexuality


Because every Joe and Sue in jeans and a t-shirt

Feels entitled, like you, to the intricate details

As if I have to validate myself to every pervert I encounter

As if the bedroom isn't a place for myself and my partner

It's a place for all of you

To pluck


pick apart and categorize

minimize unadulterated joy


looking at each other like they're at the goddamn gynecologist

Angry feminists afraid of men gathering in the streets

and in the sheets

for your pleasure


Because if we're a part

of a subculture of miscreants

then the labels hold



Becomes a punchline to a sexual joke

"The other day a feminist asked me

How I view lesbian relationships

Apparently HD was the wrong answer"

Ignorant bigotry burns down the trees

And extinct go the bees

and my tangled up sheets

remain dirtier than yours


What bed are you sleeping in up there?

And why are you so fascinated with mine?

As if it's all about sex

Sex has only as much power as you give it.


So next time you imagine your students

Fucking each other

Sans prudence

Examine your own crudeness

And go fuck yourself


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
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