forgot something

it seems you forgot something on your way out this morning

here you go

you forgot to hate yourself today

that's okay

someone will remind you

they always do

there will always be someone to remind you

that you're disgusting

that you are and will be a disapointment

that you deserve the hurt you get

someone will remind you

whether it's the people who made you

or the god who says he did

whether it's the preacher reminding you that the mere idea of you

disgusts him

or the people you once called friends

they'll all be there to remind you of what you did

but what did i do 

you ask

you where born

you where born different 

different, in a world that wants you to fit in a small-minded box that is labeled "things i understand & accept"

and you hate it

you hate that little box and you hate the people that made it

but most of all you hate yourself for not fitting in it

but you won't always

sometimes you'll forget

you'll forget the box exists

you'll forget that you are different

and you'll forget that you hate yourself

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