America the Brave, Beautiful, and Free

"America the Brave," they say...

The beautiful, the free?

Here are some words DIRECTLY from me.

You call all this judgement beautiful?

You think it makes us free? 

That girl in the corner is being shamed for falling in love, 

She's been given names, like "whore", "slut", and "freak"

The way she has fallin in love is unique, 

Love is LOVE, it should all be counted the same.

She tries to be Brave, as you say, and she's shut down, and kicked out.

That boy over there? 

He's being accosted for nothing other than the color of his skin.

Being torn apart, stepped on, beaten

As if it's his sin.

"America the Brave," you say.

"The Beautiful....." "The Free...."

You won't be hearing any of those words from me.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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