when i was young

Tue, 10/04/2022 - 12:21 -- Moscamo

When I was young I loved playing and especially hid-and-seek

I would hide in the closet (she didn't know, but she was in more ways than one)

but what that little girl didn't know was that he now hides in the closet but not as a game (or theoretically).

The girl who was happy and cheerful who always loved to hide in the closet

Now is

Sad, stressed, and crying still hides in the closet but this time it's not for a silly game he hides from the world, and he now is writing this through a blur of tears.

Sometimes I feel her

Sometimes I can feel him

Who are these people

I am the him in reference and I used to be her, trapped in a body that didn't belong to me, but I've no we’ve made it our own.

she is her own being now, and she is proud of me no US, all of us


I love how you make my life interesting


       You keep my life going


You keep me safe


          Though you don’t understand how life is now you are doing great


You showed my love and well im sorry that you’re stuck with me but it is your fault for favoring me


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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