Love (n): a profoundly tender,


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Love (n): a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

1. You made me realize that love
is more than fairy tale bullshit.
Sometimes a princess isn’t waiting
for a prince.
You never felt the same.

2. You kissed me just after midnight on an empty bridge
and I swore that a kaleidoscope of butterflies
erupted in my chest. I let you touch me for
the first time. Two days later you were gone,
I never understood
what kept you going back to her.

3. You reeled me in with your colorful words and your
unconventional smile and that god damned voice.
I don’t know what led
me to believe you were a good idea.
You spent months making me feel worthless
for feeling. I spent months kicking myself and trying
to fix you and cringing when your fingers met my skin.
I still can’t visit your side of town.

4. Fuck you for taking advantage of me when I was vulnerable.

5. I still don’t know how I mustered
up the courage to ask you to meet me.
I was a sweaty mess running on an adrenaline
high and your freckles were the cutest
thing I've ever seen. I thank the universe for
willing me to send that message every day.


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