Troubled youth



   Opened my eyes       Saw through these lies      To Simply advise       That all this youth       Stripped from the truth ,         I held my urge of irruption      Overwhelmed by all this corruption           All to deny       What fell from the sky      The children crying       From all this lying          Mom, I gotta tell you       This ain't what I thought it'd be like      He's a fag and she's a dyke       Since when did people quit and strike           They're  manners, morals and ethics      Judging others and feeling so epic.      They find a thrill and rush       To gain upon and bust     On other children     Brothers and sisters     He's a drug dealer and she's a Stripper,        This ain't how's it supposed to be      Pointing fingers and belittling me      Shouldn't we be young, wild , and free          Opening our eyes wide to see      That we are all one       One under God,       One under all       No difference between y'all          Two eyes and two ears      Only changing through the years       Growing and learning      Knowing and yearning      To find this thing I've heard called      Happiness ,    The ultimate goal      Conceived from your soul       Some think its money        Some think its  fame        All are so hungry         To stray from the pain      Don't judge each other      Cause we're all the same      One goal in life      We don't need to claim          Happiness            


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