The Painter

You are a painter who paints in my mind

you show me the world I wish I could find

A world where I’m happy with you by my side

a world where our love has no reason to hide.


To hold your hand would instill me with joy

and make my heart flutter like a pond full of coy

a touch from your lips makes my heart dance in bliss

I long for the day we can openly kiss.


My eyes are like thunder inviting a storm

your eyes are the lightning in human form

together we fight for the life we desire

while the whole world implores us to quit and retire.


you paint me to sleep with your words in my head

you’re the light in the world that wishes me dead

you cut through the night and you cover my scars

you reach for my hand and we rewrite the stars.



i really truly love this poem there has to be so much pain behind it and i know how that feels

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