Her fingers run through my head as we lay in bed

Braids make their way from her hands to my hair

Even though it is too short for them to stay


The braid immediately unfurls and she immediately begins again

I ask her why she does this

“Because I love you.”


On a warm summer day we walk hand in hand

My insecurity grips me a I become aware of how

My thighs burst from my too tight shorts


I ask her if I look fat and she answers me

“You look perfect.”

I stop adjusting the hem of my shorts and let my arms swing


We sit together in the bleachers as the crowd howls fiercely

She leans against me and I begin to touch her hair as the ball is passed

She tenses and I realize my mistake


I stumble to take my fingers away

But it seems she has forgiven me

She reaches for my hand and our smiles blend together


Her crying reaches my ears like a knife against a glass bottle

She holds me and I hold her

Whispering comforts in her ear as softly as I can


With a wracked sob she picks her head up and asks me

“Why do you stay with me?”

Because I love her


She smiles


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