False Gold

The land of the free, home of the brave.

Oh what a shiny title that is.


It draws in huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

like a moth to a flame of liberty.


Yet when these poor souls arrive,

expecting freedom and equality,

they do not realize how wrong they will be.


They are pushed away,

back to the very place they were fleeing from.


They are viewed with eyes full of prejudice

because of the actions of others the same ethnicity as them.


They are spewed with hateful words

that insult what they believe in.


This cruel treatment makes them realize

that the shiny light was just dream.


A dream of hope that vanished when they got closer

and realized it was just gilded gold covering rotting wood.


On the outside it may seem perfect,

the false gold surface,

but once you glimpse what’s underneath

there is an infestation of hate.


Hate that does nothing but discriminate.


It terrorizes people

into fearing for who they are,

whether it be transgender or no gender at all,

fearing for who they love,

whether it be a man or a woman or no one.


Some in this country say this hate is “love.”

That they are trying to save you from damnation.


What they don’t seem realize

is that what they deem a “sin”

is not a sin but is part of who you are.


It is as ingrained into you

as the color of your skin

or the shape of your face.


No matter how much you may want to,

you can not get rid of what is part of you.


The only way to change this country,

is to keep fighting discrimination and hate.

So in the hopes that one day,

the fear and hate will fade.


For the false gold to no longer be false

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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