I Prayed For Sin

Teeth came in, screaming came out

As a child finding my voice came with fees

Every chance I got to fight I would shout

My mother made me get down on my knees


I prayed to a God I didn’t believe in

She made me pray for salvation

I prayed for sin


I prayed for the black boy I was dating

The one she hated because of his skin

I prayed for my gay friend, while she was shaping

I prayed for those she said were living in “sin”


My prayers turned to support

My screams to impassioned speeches

I was trying to build a good rapport

I tried to help people patch together the pieces


This poem is about: 
My family



Its good to pray for people who live in sin, but its also good to do something. The two work hand in hand. Plans could fail if not prayed for, and prayer without action displays a lack of real interest. Gods real and he loves you! Peace to your mom and friends


Respectfully I would say that this poem is about my lack of belief in God and how religon can be detrimental to people. The gay friend I mentioned comes from a very Catholic family and was terrified to tell them, and their response to her almost made her kill herself. 

By saying I pray for sin I am saying I support the LGBT community and their struggles, I support the life my ex boyfriend lives, I support much of what religon defines as sin and I do it whole-heartedly and with pride. I agree religon can be an amazing uniting force, and a source of great comfort and strength for many. But this poem was about how prayer will not help, only actions will. 

I am not trying to argue by any means, only clarify and explain. Thank you for your comment and the kind words that God loves me, though I may not agree I appreciate the kindness. 

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