Ship In Port


June 26, 2013

A date that changed everyone's lives but mine

Because amongst this hurricane of excitement and acceptance

My ship is stuck in port.


My anchor weighs heavy with fear and denial

The ropes cling by a thread to the post of normality


Waves crash and thrash my bow

Gently holding my defeated body


Brilliant pink and orange horizons call my name

Reassuring me that im okay

While opposite hallowed sidewalks leave me with goose bumps and tears

Scrapes and bruises they have caused remind me why I am hiding


I dream of running on water and swimming amongst rainbow colored coral

Anything to be away from here

Here stuck trying to blind myself with the ignorance indulged in by those who hate the ocean

Here drowning in the self hate and confusion that is storming inside of me

Here pretending to be someone im not

Too afraid to come out.


Maybe one day I will cut the strings that hold up my marionette

I will stand up with pride and walk into the open arms of my community

I will be me.


Love is love

All my ship wants to do is sail.



Your poem reminds me of a dark place I once was in. I really love how you connected to this ship stuck in port to your life.  I hope that your ship can set sail one day.  This is a beautiful poem.

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