To The Youth of Today

Wed, 07/29/2015 - 18:16 -- Qiaram

Ima just keep it real,

I thought I knew who I was,

But what I thought isn't what I think

and there's several reasons as to why


I am all confused,

I don't know which way is up,

I'm just loss as a boss creating a start up

Starting to think I'm gonna screw up not

hold up,

But that's all perception and external reflection,

Although my deception can lead to a misconception

So I gotta bite my tongue,

but that’s hard when there's barely any tongue to bite,

When you’re drowning in a pretend sea of happiness

and want to give up the fight

The fight to accomplish your dreams

and be what you are destined to be

which are great things

Please trust in me

She says

so I tried,

and now I cry

Everywhere I turn it's like she's looking me in the eye

I cant seem to walk past J.C Penny’s

without thinking about when our lips met for the first time

Then fast forward to the train tracks

where I was too kind

and she took advantage of that.


So now I don't want to be kind to no one

I just want to be loved,

But that's hard when a lot of people in this world are screwed up

They don't take shit seriously


Nowadays everyone goes by

Fuckboys and Bitches

When we should stand up with our head held tall and tell America

We are Men and Women

We are not what you think

We are capable of producing amazing things

if only you wouldn't let our race and age determine our strength and what we can


We will show you

I will show you


You being all the ones who tell me I wont make


My haters to my lovers

you all told me at one time or another

And you are wrong

To the ones who try to suppress our voices and say

“Oh here go the coloreds again”

When the right to live is our only demand


To those who abuse the “Authority”  they have over us

Stop it

Because you are only a few years up in age

So you and I are pretty much the same

Don't come at me demanding respect

Unless you are willing to also give and not collect the fame

Just because we are young does not mean we are incompetent or insane

So do not let the fool be our age,

Let's get it straight,

We are Men and Women

And should be treated as such

Thats who I am

So Deal with it

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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