Love in the rain

Wed, 07/03/2019 - 18:35 -- Aripari

To dream is to cry, to live is to die. The question is why. Why do we dream if all we do is cry? Why do we live if all we do is die? We dream to see a better day! We dream because sometimes you have nothing to say. We dream to get lost in another world and wish we could stay. Stand beneath the Sun and it’s shining ray. To lay in the grass wishing for a better day. We live for our dreams. There’s nothing else, it seems. We live to dream of warm summer nights under the stars. We live for dreams in the hopes that we can hide our scars. We live for the dream of being held in someone’s arms and standing in the rain. To be kissed, to be missed and hope that the rain and their love washes the pain away. So please let me stay, let me dream and let me live for one more day. If I have nothing to say just wash this pain away. Let me be held in your arms in the pouring rain.

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Christina Akoto

This poem speaks to the cisterns of my soul of hidden pain. Yes it is lovely to dream to the dulcet spatter of the falling rain in sweet repose.


I'm glad 😊 when I wrote this I was going through some relationship stuff.

Christina Akoto

well im glad you shared your poem its soothing to other hurting hearts

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