Ripped & Torn


You say you never meant to hurt me
But that's exactly what you've done.
Against your knowledge you've ripped it out
Left a hole of mass destruction.

I fell for you but you threw me aside
Like some cheap fling. I watched
Watched you go from one to the next.
It was like watching you fade to memory.

Then you were ready, not for me though.
From your past you chose, I had him once.
I was blind to not see it,
Dumb to not know that it was him.

So now what? Must I just sit back and watch?
He'll hurt you, it's happened before
But what can I do? The damage is done.
Chose you have, now the course must run.

Now I'll sit and try to repair
Repair this gaping hole you've left.
This black hole is all that remains
Of the place you ripped it from, my heart that is.


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